Almost one hundred years ago French “ Fathers of Cinematography “has been dreaming about merging music and picture into one single “visual symphony”. Unfortunately, none of these attempts to create a new cinematographic language- where music would play a leading role were successful.

We took the risk of building on the same concept of “ integral cinematography”, on the new technological and philosophical level. We called our method “ VieClip” from French “ la vie” which means life. This viewpoint allows us to reach synergetic effect in merging visuals and music and thus start  exploring eternal human themes and values like love and happiness, tragedy and solitude,  etc. from slightly new angle . You can watch our first two VieClips , called “Ave Maria” and “Prelude” on this website by clicking.

We are confident that our initiative will attract many supporters and followers in the years to come among industry professionals and – most importantly-among young people. Now anyone with IPhone, favorite melody and real passion for exploring life can build his/her own story and share it with millions of people.

To help this happen we are launching before the end of this year our annual “LIVING MUSIC FESTIVAL” of VieClips where anybody can take part it. To learn more the festival and  terms of participation, please, click here.

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