Below you will find the list of Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ), regarding your participation in the Living Music VieClip Festival and our answers. If you have any additional questions not addressed below, please, contact us via our (contact page)


Q: How do I submit my VieClip to the LMVCF ?
А: You should submit your Vieclip by filling the ONLINE FORM

Q: Do you have any limitations regarding the length of the film?
A: No, we don’t have any length limitations as long as your film meets established VieClip “ GOLDEN RULES “

Q: Can I submit more than one film?
A:Yes, you can submit any number of films

Q: Is there any limitations regarding the production year?
A: Since this will be our first VieClip Festival we established no limitations in this respect. In future, however, we are planning to stick to generally acceptable rules among film festivals.

Q: Is there a fee to submit my VieClip to your festival?
A: It is free of fee.

Q: What is the deadline for submission?
A: Your submission should arrive before September 30, 2020

Q: Can I submit my VieClip from another country?
A: Of course, our festival is international and open for participation from any country.

Q: What are the official categories and main prizes of the festival?
A: This year we established nine categories of VieClips (including 2 special categories), the winners will receive memorable statuettes and cash prizes.


Q: How we can follow the progress in Festival preparation and get accredited to the final event?
A: To follow the festival preparatory process and latest VieClip news you should register to our newsletter (here we should have a link to our newsletter distribution). Regarding accreditation, please , send us your request in advance and we ll take care of it.


Q: I would like to discuss the potential sponsorship opportunities- whom should I address?
A: Congratulations- you made the right decision! Please, contact us via email for more concrete discussion.

Q: I like the concept of VieClips and anxious to promote it in my country ( community, business sector). Whom should I talk to?
A: Thanks for your interest! Please, forward your queries and proposals via our contact page (contact page).


Q: How can I join LMVCF volunteers?
A: Thanks for your interest! Please, fill in volunteer application (please, find a find a form to submit on this page)


Q: Who produces “ Living Music VieClips Festival”?
A: LMVCF is produced by New York based “VieClips LLC” in cooperation and with support of commercial and non commercial partners from Europe and Asia